April 2016

Facebook Video Scam Alert! “Nobody can watch this video for more than 15 seconds”

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Although pretty old, this Facebook video scam has again started gaining momentum on Facebook. This post explains what is this all about. A couple of days back, I saw a post on my Facebook timeline which looked like this: The post reads “You cannot watch this video for more than 15...

Security Habit Series: Stop fraudsters from VISHING away with your money!

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There has been a a lot of developments in the last two months for Quick Heal. We are listed as a public limited company; our security solutions were recognized and awarded in the US and as a public limited company we made our first debut at RSA 2016, world’s biggest...

Facebook Basics: How to Easily Avoid Phishing Scams

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Facebook Help Centre

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Phishing attacks over Facebook and other social media channels are not uncommon. In fact, it is very likely that people fall for such attacks when it comes from an innocent looking link or post that is shared by somebody on their friend’s list. Facebook, with millions of users from all...

Security Alert! Locky Ransomware on the loose

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‘Locky’ is the latest addition to the ransomware family. It has an interesting name and carries the same nastiness. Read more from the post below. What is the Locky Ransomware? Locky is a new file-encrypting ransomware malware. It does two things: Encrypts the files it finds in the PC it...

INFOGRAPHIC: How Quick Heal helps you fight the Ransomware Menace

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Since its invention, ransomware has been one of the biggest banes in the computer security world. It may have started as any other malware, but the way it has evolved only shows that malware authors do not take respite from their work. As technology grew and advancements came into economics,...